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Joined: 21 May 2009
Posted: 21 May 2009
I keep my laptop plugged in a lot. What could be done to have a utility that could disengage the power supply to a certain point,(just above machine shutdown), then reengage to full battery, and so on. This, I hope, should keep the battery at full usability when unplugged. I've had more than a few laptop batteries simply lose their life expectancy because of "memory".
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South Australia
Posted: 31 Jul 2009
Hi there.. newer laptop batteries "shouldnt" have this problem anymore. Lithium Ion batteries are actaulyl the opposite of NiCad/NiMH batteries and they dont actaully like being run down and recharged. As for the progrma, unforutnatley this isnt an option even for older laptops because there is no way software wise to disable the power supply :( Nice idae though, not sure why laptop builders didnt add that function in to older machines? They perhaps should have had a switch for "run flat" on the side before it started charging?
Joined: 17 Mar 2010
Posted: 18 Mar 2010
what damages li-ion is supposedly overheating from overcharging. Perhaps a battery control utility to keep the battery above 70% but below 100% would solve the problem of overcharged batteries.
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United Kingdom
Posted: 3 May 2015
WMI has all the answers:
Powershell: Get-WMIObject WIN32_BATTERY | Select DeviceID,Chemistry,EstimatedRunTime,EstimatedChargeRemaining,TimeToFullCharge,Status

DeviceID : Sony Corp.
Chemistry : 2
EstimatedRunTime : 71582788
EstimatedChargeRemaining : 100
TimeToFullCharge :
Status : OK

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