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Joined: 12 Oct 2010
Posted: 13 Oct 2010
a .mp3 player. not all put out good sound, as long as it sounds as good as winamp, has an EQ and accepts .m3u playlists, I think so many people would be downloading it you could rate the downloads in hertz.

a notepad that doesn't screw up with large files. for some reason when you are working on large .txt files, when you copy and paste, a large chunk of text disappears. although the missing text might still be there when saved. you don't have to check out that yourself, just make a .txt editor that has a large memory available. for a nice set of features to choose from you might want to include, check out notetab lite.

you have D.I.G, what would be more useful is a IP lookup prog like what samspade had for download.

download manager

something to tell which directories are hogging up the most disk space. like hogXP.

something to list the files you have on all 369919 of those CD's you got. so you can find them. like Disk Catalogger.

a wind chill calculator. sounds simple, but windchill calculations actually aren't linear. it is useful. input= F/C temp, mph/kph/knots windspeed. there are a few out there, but they suck.

wind chill= 2 * [ (-32*Ws / 25-Ts)/(2+1.5*Ws / 25) + Ts ]

where Twc = wind chill temperature, Ts is still air temperature and Ws is wind speed in meters/sec.

If you get it right, Twc = Ts at Ws=0 and Twc = -64 at Ts=-32 and Ws=25.

and official descriptions

Freezing cold, below -25 deg C
Bitterly cold, -25 to -15 deg C
Very cold, -15 to -10 deg C
Cold, -10 to 0 deg C
Very cool, 0 to 10 deg C
Cool, 10 to 15 deg C
Mild, above 15 deg C

I made one once in VB. it was badass. but it got deleted.

an ez scanner manager to make quick easy scans. like CmdTwain but with a GUI (about the simplest scanner program possible)

a program that takes a .mp3 playlist and gets those songs copied into a new folder to do whatever with. AmOK has one (AmOK Playlist Copy) but surely you can do better.

something to manage windows' sounds. it's a pain in the ass to work with the one in control panel.

a very simple email client for windows. like the FTP client, have an address book for the pop/smtp server(s) of your choice, download to local folder as ... a... uh... file. and send too. if php can take simple text from a form and send and receive it, why not a windows program?

packet sniffer

a plugin creator for BartPE would be awesome. instead of having to edit .ini and nu2menu.xml files, and package it in a .cab, have a prog that asks for a few pertinent info, drag-and-drop files and .cab it when u click a button. there aren't any good .cab packagers available for download, so a program like this that does it 4 u would be a plus.

a menu creator for Ultimate Boot CD. tell it which .img files are in what directory, and a menu structure, and it outputs the .cfg files that make up the menu of UBCD. really not complicated.

a simple serials database for all the programs installed on your computer. using XML, csv, txt, whatever works. you need to have a list of your serial numbers when you reinstall windows, but your PasswordStore is too complicated for that. Serials2000 was way too much.

a graphics editor that finally is not too much or too little. Gimp and IrfanView are supposed to be lightweight, but really are too much. the Paint in Win7 was just right, but only Win7 users can use it, and everybody else is screaming for an XP or Vista version. they don't have one.


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