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Joined: 13 Oct 2009
Posted: 1 Nov 2009
(Sorry, I forgot the title)
Hi there. UnstopCp is a really good piece of software. Thanks for this jewel.

I use it to copy/move big amounts of data, in replacement of Windows copy function (where a problem will cause lost of control of copied/not copied files).

I want to ask you and other users an advice about my wishes:
in the 'Source' textbox I have to choose the object (folder) that will contain the objects I actually want to copy. In my opinion, and from the way I use Ucp, there are some reasons to change this behaviour:
- declaring the object(s) I want to copy (not his container), and the target folder it(they) will be copied into, seems to be a more logical and natural reasoning
- if I want to copy 1 of 6 folders contained in a mother-folder, I have to first create the target folder (same as my source folder), and then launch the copy job. That happens for every folder I have to copy/move. Whath if, for example, I have to copy 20 folders from a group of 100 ?

I understand that UnstopCp is born for data recovery, and I use it for secure data copy. So I'm asking the general advice.

Another good feature (good for mirroring use too) where the ability to check written data after the copy of each file, and before it's eventual deletion (but perhaps it already does that trasparently?). Actually I use QVerify after the copy is done, and then I delete the files.

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South Australia
Posted: 13 Jan 2010
Have you tried using the context menu or drag and drop functionality yet? You can drag the individual folders you want to copy and just drop them on UC.

I will add a data verification test into version 5 of unstoppable copy but will leave it until then.

Joined: 13 Oct 2009
Posted: 12 Feb 2010
Hi again, and thanks a lot for your reply that I'm seeing just now.

I tried using the context menu or drag and drop functionality, but it seems to me they don't resolve my wishes.
I'll try to explain myself (english is not my language).

For example, I have 2 folders:
'c:\Documents\FolderToCopy' with a lot of stuffs into
'd:\TargetRepository' with a lot of stuffs into, too.
Finally I want a copy of the entire FolderToCopy folder in the TargetRepository folder:
To have that done, I have first to create a destination 'FolderToCopy' in the TargetRepository, and then, with UC, start a copy with:
Source: c:\Documents\FolderToCopy
Destination: d:\TargetRepository\FolderToCopy

If I don't create the target FolderToCopy folder, I will have the CONTENT of FolderToCopy in the TargetRepository folder.
If I copy 10 folders into TargetRepository, i will have all the files contained in the 10 folders, all together in the targetRepository folder (what a mess!).

It seems more logical to me to point the OBJECT I want to copy (folder or file), and the destination where this object have to fall into.
Perhaps an option 'Recreate source object'?

If I miss the way to do that, or there is a problem in my way of using UC, please can anyone illuminate-me and help me?
Joined: 13 Oct 2009
Posted: 22 Feb 2010
... just to edit the index page, that was not updated from my last post (don't know why) ...

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