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Joined: 30 Sep 2009
Posted: 30 Sep 2009
I have not read all of this site good enough, so..
This option appears in RawCopy.

What is this option for?


Joined: 7 Dec 2009
Posted: 8 Dec 2009
This option starts at the last sector of your hard drive and works backwards towards the first sector. This is helpful when you have a failing hard drive that has bad sectors at the beginning of the disk, making at least most of the data accessible via data recovery software if the clone is not successful (non-booting clone)
Joined: 24 Apr 2013
Posted: 24 Apr 2013
When transferring from a smaller to larger drive using "end of disk first" also start at the end of the larger hard drive? or does it start at the position that it would've ended if it was started from the front of the drive?

In other words, if the bad drive is a 40G and the new drive is a 300G. Will the "end of disk first" option only use the first portion of the 300G drive?


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