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Joined: 2 May 2008
Posted: 3 May 2008
Has anyone any experiene with VB6? My ex made a program for me - an address book (name address, email, DOB, photo etc), and it worked great on my Window98 pc but won't on my XP machine. We don't see eachother any more so I'm lookin for someone to get it working for me.

Basically it's a GUI front end to an M$Acess database. I do have the working files before they were compiled so can provide them if anyone is interested - I'll find, zip them and add as attachement here if anyone is interested?

Joined: 2 May 2008
Posted: 6 May 2008
Here's the error I get when running the above mentioned program called "MyContacts"

""Data Access Error"

So I'm guessing that the Access dadtabase isn't being found - even though it is in the same fiolder as the program "MyContacts.exe"

How can I tell if the database should be located somewehre else on the hard drive suchh as in a different folder etc?

Thanks for any suggestions.
Joined: 28 Mar 2008
South Australia
Posted: 7 May 2008
I know someone who would be perfect to help you out on this one but unfortunately hes away on his honey moon for a few more days! Ill get him to post here as soon as hes back!

Joined: 2 Aug 2011
Posted: 3 Aug 2011
Did you ever get this application working? I can take a look at it if you still have the source files.

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