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L Bell

Joined: 4 May 2015
Northwest Washington State
Posted: 18 May 2015
As most know, USB flash drives can fail in various ways, often leading them to be inaccessable for even formatting.

My example is a Silicon Power 'Blaze' 32GB flash drive. After some event, it appears as '0 bytes / 0 bytes free', and will not format (just returns with no message).

The manufacturer has a utility to repair it, however, it requires netFramework 3.5 . My system only has netFrame. v1.1 & 4.0. (no 2, 3.5, etc.)

Apparently, restoring the controller chip is like flashing a BIOS - the wrong one and the thing becomes a paperweight.

It's basically dead now, but USBDeview shows tons of info about the unit, but no 'controller' model number, which is apparently necessary to fix it.

Any experience with this type of problem?

Maybe a feature to reset or forced format the unit could be added to one of your file or drive backup programs?

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