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Joined: 17 May 2009
Posted: 17 May 2009
First of all i thank u very much for your excellent stuff.All are of short size,portable and extremely useful to the point..all in my concepts of a good tool...
Can you make a task manager utility which is small and portable(which i know u would make.. :) ). it can include the features for letting the user kill the tasks,know the pagefiel and RAM and CPU usage,the no. of threads and change the priority??Also it may display all the inbuilt windows services that are running in the background and allow to disable them in startup...
Joined: 28 Mar 2008
South Australia
Posted: 31 Jul 2009
Hi there! On newer operating systems this is alreayd built into windows (taskmgr.exe) and changing the service that are started etc can be done by msconfig.exe which comes with windows. I might look at making something a little more advanced in the future though when i have time :)


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