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L Bell

Joined: 4 May 2015
Northwest Washington State
Posted: 4 May 2015
Can anyone suggest a good C compiler for both or either Windows and Linux?

I normally program in 8502 ML using Merlin 128 for organization, but have quite a load of programs originally written in Basic 7 (C=128) which are being converted to the baCon programming environment under vsrious Linux installations.

BaCon converts the code to extremely concise C code. Never got the hang of C, so this is like a dream to me. It's actually teaching me how C works by examining the sub-routines after conversion.

Any comments would be very much appreciated.
Joined: 28 Mar 2008
South Australia
Posted: 17 May 2015
To be honest i use an old old old version of Microsoft Visual C++ (6.0) to do all my app development but I use the latest SDKs and compiler tools.

As for linux i normally just use GCC and use bluefish as my editor.

On a few cross platform apps ive written I have used Ming compiler but i didnt find it very user friendly!
L Bell

Joined: 4 May 2015
Northwest Washington State
Posted: 17 May 2015
Thanks for the advice.

I'm just now testing a linux offshoot called 'Tahrpup 6.0.2', a pretty new version. I think it might even have a dev system in it, but that's how new I am to it. I had two C compilers, one running under AmigaDOS, and one in C=128 mode, but as noted, I could not understand the open structure of C.

My main concern is input / output to a modem or network connection, and such things as carrier detect / carrier loss, etc. My first machine language routine was an interrupt service routine (ISR) which ran continuously, looking for a change in a certain pin of a primitive serial port. It may have only been 48 or so bytes long!

Thanks again.

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