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Joined: 4 Oct 2008
Manteo, NC
Posted: 13 Apr 2012
USC is an awesome, awesome app.

This has probably been suggested before and if so, forgive me!

When using USC to backup, I would LOVE the feature to skip files of a certain type.

For example if I am backing up a failing hard drive for data migration purposes that happens to have Microsoft Exchange mail (in *.OST format rather than PST), often the OST files are several GB in size and simply don't need to be backed up as the mail will sync up with the Exchange server on a new install, so the OST file is not needed. If the hard drive was failing I wouldn't want to pointlessly backup several GB worth of OST files wasting the precious time I have while the drive is working to get the critical data off. Same applies with *.MP3 for example as we don't consider those critical ;)

It would be great if the option also worked with Batch mode.

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