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Joined: 22 Jul 2011
Posted: 23 Jul 2011
What I've been looking for and I still never find the right application yet is a way to create catalog or inventory of all our cd (mainly we put PDF reports on CDs). Now the problem I'm having from these catalogs they only create a file or database with generic information from the media I scanned.
What I'm looking for is when you access this catalog and look for a specific cd or mainly a document is to "be able to open the document" (in this case in Acrobat or anything that can open PDF format) and be able to look at it from the database without having to put the CD in the CD reader. I'm not expecting to do any changes but to be able to access it without having the CD in will be a big help for me (saving a lot of time and energy).  A plus will be to be able to copy the file on my desktop if I need to make some change or only use part of it. And hope this database will be able to keep or use decent space on my drive.

PS: I do have all these files on a differents online HD but sometime they are really deep down and the time to search or access them will be a big saving in time if I can select from that "inventory database".

Do you think it's possible or I should gave up on the idea

Thanks in advance … Pierre

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