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Joined: 29 Apr 2011
San Diego, CA, US
Posted: 30 Apr 2011
Hi -- I can't help liking the idea of "Unstoppable Copier", but as noted in several "hangs" threads on the forum, UC hangs up for extended periods on hardware that takes a long time to error out.

So what about an option to set a timeout time, or minimum tolerable data rate, so that if UC is progressing slower than that on a particular file, it skips over that file (or does whatever the other settings say to do). This would be super useful in combination with the "Undamaged Files First" option.

This way if UC is trying to copy many thousands of files we get quick results for the bulk of them, and can then decided how long to keep on working on the rest of them.
Joined: 23 Feb 2015
Posted: 23 Feb 2015
I'd like to support your request for this feature. I want to skip damaged files and get what isn't damaged. I can't find any freeware that does this - every copy utility I have tried does endless attempts to read damaged files, including Unstoppable Copier. I set max retries to zero, fastest recovery, and "Unstoppable Copier" merrily copies files until it reaches a damaged file. Then it hangs, retrying forever. It would be a great service to everyone if it was unstoppable, but it isn't.
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